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Hills Life
In-store Art:
Water from heaven - a variety of colors is dripping down

Published: June 01, 2006/ vol. 15

Natsu, who creates an artwork by intertwining strings of colorful and glittering plastic beads, calls herself a chandelier artist. The vivid sculpture looks like an organism. Why does she call it “chandelier”?
“A familiar chandelier hangs above, and fills and changes space with its light, to bring bliss to people. My artwork plays the same role as an ordinary chandelier even though my Chandelier in itself does not have light. Just as you can turn on and off the light of a chandelier, my Chandelier looks different according to the viewer's feelings at the moment.”
Natsu, who was crazy about passing a string through a hole in her childhood, says the act of stringing beads is like prayer and contemplation, and what she has naturally reached now. At first, the clear image of finished work comes into her mind. Then, she intensely dedicates herself to shaping it like a bird building a nest”. She has no hesitation in the process of the artwork. “I don't know why it exists when I start to work. But a series of chance and necessity gradually leads to the raison dユetre of all just like solving a puzzle.” And she creates a poem about the meaning of the piece to add to the artwork.
The exhibition presents her artwork on the theme of “rain”. This piece is made up of strings of numerous beads intertwined with a series of fateful events.
“Last year I traveled to Arizona, and the dried-up desert and the Hopi design made me actually feel the prayer of the Native Americans for rain. When I came back to New York, as if on cue, I realized it was about cloud and rain that I had produced a drawing for my next work a long time ago. Afterwards, I was asked to put my artwork in this exhibition under the theme of “rain.” At that moment, it rang a bell and I said to myself, “that's it!” Everything was instantly connected in myself and led to creating this very piece of work.”
Natsu continues to listen carefully for the voice of her soul today. What kind of rain is she going to create and pour on the region of Roppongi?

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