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Who's Next New York: Sparkling Chandelier in the Universe
By Yasuko Soma

Published: January 28, 2006/ March 2006 issue

I would like to introduce Natsu, an artist I have been interested in for years, who calls herself chandelier artist. Her Chandelier, unlike a typical brilliant lighting fixture suspended from a ceiling, is a strangely-shaped objet dユart made up of colorful plastic beads. “My Chandelier in itself does not have light, but reflects light and glitters brilliantly. I have no specific source of inspiration before I start to work. However, in the process of my artwork I get a clear image that flashes into my mind, so that what I am not conscious of is naturally getting connected inside me,”said NATSU. Etymologically speaking, the word bead means prayer. “A place where we are born, feel love and die-bed”- is closely related to the word and is also one of the themes of her creative activities. Not long ago, I read an article in the New York Times Art Review where the art critic introduced the show, “Tsuki No Miyako: Bead Sculptures,” held at the Hammond Museum, in North Salem, New York, and regarded the work of the previously unknown artist highly as “Japanese Inspired and Nature Infused.” Just as a silkworm spins a cocoon, NATSU spins beads into a cocoon for life.

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