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Artist Statement

My artwork is made of intertwined strings of beads. Beads are like atoms, the basis on which the entire world is formed. To me, the act of stringing beads is like prayer and contemplation. Through my creation, I purify myself and trace and experience the mysterious workings of the universe little by little. Creating my work reminds me of the most precious thing that I have forgotten since my birth here on earth.

I explore the origins, the structure and the existence of the universe and humans, a part of the universe, from my own mythical point of view. To attempt to remind people of the primordial pure mind, I use beads as elements of childhood fantasy or particles of the structure of the world, and infuse the work with mythology. I incorporate ideas about the synthesis of dual aspects of our world, such as the fusion of reality and imagination, the harmony of the physical and the ethereal, and the tension between natural and man-made things, into the work. My artwork embodies something sparkling and formless, in the unconscious depths of my bodily and spiritual existence.

My repetitive primitive act in the creating process, stringing beads and weaving them with my hands into a complex web structure, creates an infinite pattern symbolizing the cycle of the world. I follow the rhythmic, nearly-unconscious motion of my hands. It resembles natural growth as atoms (beads) arrange themselves or instinctual behavior like a bird weaving its nest. My handmade, labor-intensive process of creation transforms time into art.

I am stringing and weaving my prayer, memories, and moments.


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